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Melrose Volleyball Club

Welcome to the new Melrose Volleyball Club website - home for Melrose high school and JO volleyball! This site is designed to keep players, parents and coaches informed with details specific to your team, including schedules, tournament information, etc.  

Look for additional page tabs at the top of the site to view details specific for each team throughout the year.

This site will be the way Melrose Volleyball Club interacts with parents and players. We will post schedule information and additional documents here for you to access throughout the year.

All volleyball players and parents are asked to register for the new website - which will allow us to communicate and share information with you. See the options below.

Note - this AREA IS NOT JO registration. For player JO registration, see the JO Information tab at the top of the website and go to the appropriate team web page to register.

Players should complete website registration with parents as there are some health insurance details to complete. Click box above.

Parents should complete website access registration using link above. This will allow us to connect with you throughout the year. Click box above.


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Contact Us Melrose Volleyball Club

Have a question or concern? Email the Melrose JO Volleyball director by clicking the envelope below.