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JO Board Members

Mark Traeger - President & Website Coordinator
Amy Van Beck - Apparel Coordinator
Dana Finken - Financial Secretary
Emily Reller - Melrose Head Coach
Jen Traeger - Assistant Coach
Renee Bauer - Assistant Coach

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Player Fees Update

Hello everyone - The JO Board is in the process of determining the number of unused dollars paid to Melrose JO for the 2020 season. It's our intent to use the unused dollars towards 2021 player fees. Any incoming seniors for the 2020-21 season will have their fees applied toward other camps at school should they be allowed to take place this summer. Any additional unused monies would then be paid back to families for this group. More details will be shared as soon as possible.

Melrose JO Volleyball - 2020 Season Cancelled

The Melrose JO Volleyball Board made the difficult decision on Sunday evening to cancel the 2020 season. Please see the statement below that was sent to all participants on Tuesday, March 24. Additional information will soon be posted. Please reach out to with any questions.

Hello Melrose JO Volleyball Players and Parents -

It's with great sadness and difficulty that the Melrose JO Board has decided to cancel the rest of the JO volleyball season. As you can imagine, this was a tough decision but given the circumstances we're all facing, we feel it's the right choice at this time.

We were recently made aware we would not be able to host our home tournament for 13-17 teams the weekend of April 4-5, as the school has suspended all activities until at least April 6. We are in the process of notifying all teams that the event is canceled. 

For players at the 13-17 level who paid $130 in fees to Melrose JO for the 2020 season, we are determining our final expenses per team. We hired coaches, had several practices (one team played in a tournament), and accumulated additional expenses for these teams (NCR expenses, non-recovered team fees for events, etc.). Once we put together the final numbers, we will be in touch to share how many fee dollars went unused. It's our intent to carry these dollars over to next season's fees as a down payment for each player. 

For players who are juniors (Seniors in 2021), we are considering a transfer of any unused fees to this summer's volleyball camp or Build-24 program. More details will soon be provided regarding these unused dollars.

Finally, you may be wondering about the fees paid to NCR for this season, which was essentially $50 per player. We have been made aware that NCR has many administrative costs throughout the season, including liability insurance coverage (which Melrose JO benefits from), online education and many other resources NCR provides to member clubs. For these reasons, we have been told that no refunds of these fees will be made available.

As with any organization, we are navigating through uncharted waters and dealing with this unique time as best we can. We feel awful this season was essentially lost for all the girls over 13 years in the Melrose program.  We hope and pray now for our country and anyone affected by COVID-19. Now is a time to stay safe and practice social distancing to minimize the local impact.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns and additional thoughts. We look forward to working with all of you in the coming year. 

11 - 12's teams will start practice in early January and have practices scheduled the first week in January, with tournaments scheduled from mid-January until early March.

13 - 17's teams will start practice in early March and have tournaments scheduled from early-to-mid-March until mid-to-late April.

Melrose home events - Scheduled for the following dates...

  • Sunday, March 1 (11-12's playing)
  • Saturday, April 4 (13-14's playing)
  • Sunday, April 5 (15-17's playing)
  • Parents will be scheduled to work one of these dates (few hour shift) as a supplement to player fees for the year. Parents who do not participate can choose to pay an extra $50.

Player Fees - Anticipated fees below. Costs - due to changes with NCR, their fees went up more than expected. Melrose JO has adjusted our fees down - so please take note of the final fees due to Melrose JO and NCR.

  • 11U Players - $105 ($55 payable to Melrose JO/$50 to NCR/USAV)
  • 12U Players - $155 ($105 payable to Melrose JO/$50 to NCR/USAV)
  • 13U-17U Players - $180 ($130 payable to Melrose JO/$50 to NCR/USAV)
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